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Debut book NO ONE YOU KNOW out now from Outpost19 | Founding Editor, True.Ink | Twitter: @jdschwartzman |

I was so consumed by this frame of mind, I wrote a book about it. Here’s what I would pass along to others feeling out of place.

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When I let small talk with strangers spiral into something deeper, it became a book about memorable interactions. Here’s what I learned.

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There’s a little-known resource that makes it easier for writers to decode rejection letters.

Photo by Jason Schwartzman

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It offers detailed narrative X-rays for books, movies, and TV

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Lessons from my slow return to the page after a long layoff.

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A line from a novel helped settle my unease about once-close connections that have gone cold

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An old-school form of journaling helped lead to my book about interactions, strangers, and memory.

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Level up your daily interactions with strategies from My Dinner With Andre” to ‘Adaptation’

“My Dinner With Andre,” Wallace Shawn, Andre Gregory, 1981. Photo: Everett Collection

After a string of perplexing encounters, I was surprised at the lofty themes that kept emerging.

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Jason Schwartzman

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